Tommy’s Room at Masterfonics

Tommy Dorsey performs his work in a stunning mastering room designed by Tom Hidley. The 28Hz monitoring environment features Kinoshita / Hidley two-way monitors with TAD components and high level passive crossovers driven by bridged Cello Performance II amplifiers. The system allows for enormous headroom and accurate, fatigue-free monitoring.

Tommy's Room at Masterfonics

The latest mastering technology can always be found at Masterfonics. Sound processing equipment includes Weiss EQ and Dynamics, EQ and routing from Z-Sys, a SADiE DAW, and additional processing by Sontec, Millenia Media, Manley, Waves, Crane Song, Sony and others.

Archival and restorative mastering is available with the CEDAR hardware and software. Digital conversion and clocking is by Prism, Lavry / DB Technologies and Antelope.

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The rooms designed by Tom Hidley at Masterfonics were built from the ground up with proper acoustic performance being the priority. With a structural shell larger than the finished room size to accommodate acoustic treatment needed to maintain near-anechoic performance at very low frequencies.


Analog and digital hardware and software are used selectively to process your mixes as needed by a technically and musically experienced engineer. This allows Tommy to achieve the color, dynamics, style and musicality your project deserves.


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