Here are some points to ponder about your project

  •  When will your mixes be ready for mastering?  
  • What is your deadline to have the final masters back?
  • Do you have alternate versions of the tracks that also need to be mastered  (i.e. radio edits/instrumental versions/acapellas/etc.)?
  • Do you need a sequenced production master (where we sequence and space the mastered tracks in DDPi format that you can provide to your digital distributors and/or disc replicators), or would an upload of the individual mastered .WAV files suffice (there is no charge for the individual .WAV files upload, but that would leave the sequencing/encoding/formatting of the master to you)?
  • Will you need “Mastered for iTunes” or “HD” versions of the masters?
  • Are you planning to release on vinyl?
  • If you can let us know on the above, I will put together a quote for you

For well-organized, self-funded indie clients, we sometimes offer discounted package deals, provided you have all of your mixes ready to upload at the same time and are able to pay in full before the work begins.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.