Analog and digital hardware and software are used selectively to process your mixes as needed by a technically and musically experienced engineer. This allows Tommy to achieve the color, dynamics, style and musicality your project deserves.

Each piece of equipment he uses has been customized and refined in collaboration with the designers and manufacturers, then tweaked and adjusted by some of the most renowned studio technicians to get the greatest level of quality for his processing system.  There are no presets or algorithms; no automatic or autopilot. This is the good stuff and clients hear the difference.

Mastering Rooms
Tom Hidley designed 28 Hz Monitoring Environment

Monitoring System
Cello Performance Amplifiers
Cello Monitor Control System
Kinoshita/Hidley 28 Hz Reference System

Digital Processing
Weiss BW102 Equalizer and Dynamics Processors
Weiss Gambit Dynamics Processor
Z-Sys Equalizer
Waves Processor
Crane Song Processor
Sony Limiter
JVC Equalizer / Dynamics Processor
Roland and DBX Processor

Analog Processing
Sontec Equalizer (customized by designer)
Millennia Media Equalization (custom)
Manley Compressor/Limiter (custom)
B.A.S.E. (handmade prototype)

Prism Sound
Lavry / DB Technologies
Crane Song

Digital Audio Workstations
SADiE PCM8 Mastering/Editing System
SADiE 24/96 Mastering/Editing Systems

Custom Crookwood Mastering Console (Digital/Analog)
SPL Monitor Controller

Alesis Masterlink
Tascam 24/16bit DAT
Otari DAT
Studer ¼” / ½” Analog Tape Machine
Ampex ATR ¼” / ½” Analog Tape Machine
Mitsubishi X-86 Digital 2trk
Sony Dash Digital 2 trk
Tascam cassette machine
Panasonic micro cassette machine